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Founder and CEO

Born in Vladivostok, former Soviet Union, Maxim moved to Macau in 1993 where he learned Portuguese, Cantonese and English. Having studied in Thailand and England, and received his MFA from the prestigious New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Maxim’s multicultural and multilingual exposure combined with his prolific knowledge of music, literature, history and politics lead to a unique worldview evident in his storytelling.

Employing humor, dramatic characterization and social satire, Maxim’s works require revisiting time and time again to uncover all that they have to offer. Maxim’s narrative short film Tricycle Thief World Premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, won the 2015 Gold Kodak Award for best short film and has played at numerous festivals worldwide. He has worked with numerous clients on commercials and advertisements including Zouk Singapore, Wynn Resorts, Pacha Macau and City of Dreams.